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I met David at the NINC conference this year and he’s quite a likable guy. Also, Tammi is my editor, so I can easily put my name with David’s in ecommending her courses.

David Gaughran

Three new courses launch today that you guys should be interested in, as they focus on the three biggest needs I see right now: launches, email marketing, and advertising – and I’m giving away a freebie!

The courses are from Indie Pub Intensive, they’re super cheap, and are run by someone who really knows what they are talking about – Tammi Labrecque. She has taken a fairly unique approach as well.

These aren’t tarted up PowerPoint presentations you watch passively, the courses include video calls for group discussions, one-on-one sessions with Tammi, as well as worksheets to help you get your hands dirty right away. Each course lasts four weeks and they cost $199 a pop – a bargain, if you ask me.

EDIT: if you hustle across to the site and engage in neither dillying nor dallying you can bag the special introductory offer of $99 per…

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Short Hops and Fair Weather


There are two schools of thought for traveling longer distances on a saiboat or slow trawler. One idea is that if you have good weather, you take it and run the whole way to your destination. Run all day. Run all night. Just get there while the getting is good.

We do not subscribe to this theory.

I understand folks that are on a schedule doing it. Maybe they only have two weeks of vacation time and they want to get there now and enjoy more time. We have no schedule, no place to be and nothing better to do. We are not in a hurry, ever. It’s hard to be in a hurry at six knots!

Instead, we make short hops to favored places. We hang out along the way and enjoy ourselves.We wait for good weather before we move on. We can wait as long as we want…

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